Q: Do you offer driving lessons for adults?
A: Yes, we offer lessons to anyone, of any age over 15. Contact us for options available.

Q: Can I get a driver’s permit at age 15?
A: Yes, you just need a waiver from a driving school, showing that you are already enrolled to attend a Teen Driver’s Education Course in order to get your driver’s permit before age 15 ½.

Q: Can I take the written Knowledge Test and the Behind the Wheel Skills test on the same day?
A: Yes, if you pass the Knowledge Test, have had a driver’s permit for at least 6 months and are over the age of 16.

Q: Can I use ABC Driving School’s vehicle to take my Skills Test?
A: Yes, for an additional fee of $30.

If you have anymore questions for us contact us at 206-629-4947 or shea@abcdrivingwa.com