DOL Testing

Driver's TestingABC Driving School and Testing Center is a certified Washington State Driver’s License testing center.  You no longer have to wait to take tests at the DOL office. We offer the Washington State written Knowledge Test and the Behind the Wheel Skills Test. Knowledge Tests can be taken in 7 different languages. We also offer our car to take the Skills Test, for an additional fee.

Discounts are given on Knowledge and Skills Tests to registered ABC Driving School students.

Things to bring with you for a Knowledge Test:

  1. Permit number. Apply online. (This number is also on your Washington ID)
  2. Proof of ID (Washington ID or Washington Permit is best)

Things to bring with you for a Skills Test (If you don’t, you won’t be able to test):

  1. Proof of ID, including Learner’s Permit or a Driver’s License from another state.
  2. Current and valid vehicle registration.
  3. Proof you have auto liability insurance, which includes:
    1. Name of the policyholder and/or a description of the vehicle (year, make/model, or “fleet”).
    2. Effective and expiration dates.
  4. A vehicle in good working condition. All of the following must work properly:
    1. Brakes and all three brake lights
    2. Turn signals
    3. Seat belts
    4. Passenger door (must open and close from inside and outside)
    5. Driver door window (must roll down far enough to allow you to use hand signals)
    6. Mirrors (outside left and inside rearview, or outside left and outside right)
    7. Windshield wipers, headlights, and defrosters (if weather requires)

If you don’t already have a Washington State License or Permit, we need you to create a record online with the Department of Licensing.  You can pre-apply for a Permit number online.

Before taking the Knowledge Test, study the Washington Driver’s Guide which is provided for free from any Department of Licensing Office.

We advise you to take the practice Knowledge Test a few times before coming in to take the real test.

Schedule an appointment to take a test at ABC Driving School and Testing Center.

If you need a refresher Behind the Wheel lesson before taking your Skills Test, you can schedule a lesson.

Once you are ready, schedule your Behind the Wheel Skills Test.  Only you and the examiner can be in the car. Exceptions would be an approved service animal or supervisor, who may ride along to observe.  Interpreters, parents, children, or pets can’t be in the car.